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Virtual office in Évora

Need an address for your business?

Our Virtual Office gives you access to a prestigious address in Évora, Alentejo, next to Praça do Giraldo, to your company’s headquarters or branch. We manage your physical mail and parcels. We will give you a referral on our website, boosting your company’s online visibility.

  • Company address
  • Mail reception
  • Weekly mail notification
  • Meeting room credit
  • Telephone service

A virtual office in the center of Évora?

Discover the pleasure of having your company in the center of Évora, near Praça do Giraldo.

Picking up your mail or holding a meeting in a modern and central space in Évora makes all the difference in the positioning of your business.

Come find out why more than 70 companies rely on us daily.

Office space in Lisbon

Multiple advantages in a service that grows with you? With us it's possible

Cost reduction

Savings in both costs and initial investment, increasing the profitability of your business

Time saving

Preparing and equipping an office is a long and time-consuming process – it buys us time for your business


With modern facilities equipped with everything you need, we guarantee that you work with the highest quality and comfort​


Enjoy a prestigious address in the center of Lisbon, near Marquês de Pombal, and in Évora, near Praça do Giraldo, where you can receive your customers in the best way


With parking next to our offices, it is easy to leave your car near the Giraldo Works both in Lisbon and Évora and go to work


We give you the tools to boost your business visibility: a great place, a community and a page for your company in our website​

Virtual Office: What is it, advantages and who should adopt it?

For a long time our company has associated companies with a workplace. But with the appearance of the virtual office this is no longer an absolute truth and more and more companies and especially startups start to opt for this solution. Why? Imagine the following situation: you are about to launch your business. You have a website, a diversified team, but you lack a workplace…

What is the difference between Coworking and Virtual Office?

The labor market has changed a lot in the last decade. With the appearance of Coworking spaces and virtual offices, the traditional fixed office model is no longer the only option. But the truth is that many of us only began to look at these alternatives during/after the mandatory confinement experience, which led us to rethink our lifestyle. With more and more alternatives available…


In Giraldo Works Startups can find a young and dynamic environment with access to modern, fully equipped facilities. Join us and boost your business.

New companies

In Giraldo Works you can start building your business in a new office, without the hassle of designing and furnishing or with the commitment of long and fixed contracts.

International companies

In Giraldo Works you can find simple and efficient bureaucratic procedures. Experience and customer support are part of our priorities.

Growing companies

In Giraldo Works you can find offices totally adaptable to the growth of your business. Access to common spaces, and meeting rooms whenever you need.


Of course! You can schedule a guided tour or, if you’re nearby, just drop by! We will be happy to show you our space.

Yes, you can try what it’s like to work at Giraldo Works for a day, between 9am and 6pm. Contact us!

Yes, we have several spaces that adapt to events available from the meeting room and training for workshops, meetings, conferences, etc. to our garden. Contact us! 

We have several companies and freelancers from the most diverse areas working in our coworking space. From startups to SMEs, among ideas, prototypes, tested concepts and launches, here you will find all kinds of entrepreneurs. Here you can extend your network! Come and meet us!

The monthly fee includes your private office or desk in cowork, cleaning, Internet, access to the meeting room, kitchen, living room and garden.

The access to our space is made through the reception of Giraldo Works that always has our team. When there is nobody in the space, the security alarm is activated. In addition, all windows are gridded.

Yes, you can bring a monitor, keyboard, mouse and even a frame with a family photo. The space is yours and you can decorate as you wish.

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