Property Management

Your real-estate assets always under control

Commercial properties are unique and require professional management services. We provide a range of solutions from lease negotiations to property maintenance.


  • Facility management
  • Financial management
  • Transactions
  • Investment management

Property management for smooth building operation.

Facility management

  • Operation management
  • Maintenance
  • Documents tracking
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reception solutions
  • Monitorization software


  • Presentation of services
  • Guide visits
  • Lease negotiation
  • Onboarding journey
  • Daily support to tenants
  • Offboarding journey

Financial management

  • Monthly reports
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Procurement
  • Analysis of DD

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Companies & Start-ups

Our expertise provides well-functioning workspaces that elevate your team’s performance trought digital solutions.

Team well-being

Operation cost

Landlords & Investors

Keep things running smoothly and increase revenue by taking the full potential of your facilities team and budget.

Asset value

Hassle & Costs

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Property management involves the professional management of medium to long-term leased properties, such as office buildings. It includes tasks such as tenant acquisition and retention, lease administration, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and overall property operations.

We offer several advantages and possess specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with commercial leases and tenants. You can receive help to maximize occupancy rates, negotiate lease agreements, handle tenant concerns, and ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of the property. This allows property owners to focus on their core business while leaving the property management responsibilities in capable hands.

At Giraldo Works, we utilize market research to establish competitive rental rates and implement digital marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage potential tenants. We actively handle tenant inquiries, conduct property showings, and ensure a seamless tenant experience. By promptly addressing concerns and fostering positive tenant relationships, we minimize vacancy periods and optimize occupancy rates.

Property management teams oversee maintenance and repairs for commercial buildings, ensuring the property remains in good condition. We coordinate with qualified contractors and vendors to perform routine maintenance tasks, address repairs promptly, and handle emergencies. Regular inspections, preventive maintenance programs, and monitorization software’s are implemented to minimize potential issues and preserve the property’s value.

We handle various financial aspects of commercial property management. This includes rent collection, lease fee administration, and financial reporting. Our team maintains accurate records of income and expenses, provides regular financial statements to the property owner, and ensures that financial transactions comply with accounting standards and legal requirements.

Yes, there are often financial incentives available for sustainable property management. These can include government grants, tax credits, utility rebates, and green financing options. We research and explore local incentives to determine eligibility and take advantage of these opportunities.

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