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Renovating your interior space: from concept to construction

Looking to improve your home? With us you can transform your interior space and make your home more functional, aesthetically pleasing and adapted to your needs.


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From idea to renovation . Ready to start your project?

Personalized refurbishment: from concept to action

We offer integrated remodeling and decorating solutions to make your space more welcoming, from renovating a single room to complete projects. In addition, we provide support in resolving any challenges that may arise.

Our vast experience and knowledge covers all stages of the process, with the aim of providing the best quality for your space.

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Our team provides installation, maintenance and repair services for electrical systems in any area of your home.


Plumbing installation services, repairing leaks, infiltrations or unblocking drains, let us know what you need.

Painting & Insulation

Customized painting solutions, or installation of insulation systems, with efficient materials and techniques.

Carpentry & Brick

Installation of products such as cabinets or closets, as well as flooring and coverings, to meet your needs.

Window frames

Manufacture and installation of metal, aluminum, stainless steel or other structures to strengthen sound insulation and increase energy efficiency.

Homes of the future: energy efficiency

Don’t know the benefits of making your home energy efficient? Find out more in this article.

Adding value to your property

Investing in the valuation of your property is a smart strategy. Why? Adding value to your property allows you not only to protect the value of your initial investment, but also to increase its potential in the future, making it more attractive and valuable on the market.

Tips for keeping your property in good repair

Preserving the state of repair of real estate involves an investment of time and resources. However, it has several advantages, including a significant extension of the property’s useful life, which protects its value on the real estate market.

Interior remodeling consists of renovating a space, improving its aesthetics and functionality in order to create a pleasant environment that reflects your needs.

A refurbishment can be carried out in various ways. In terms of interior walls, plastering, electricity, flooring, decoration, lighting, mechanical installations, furniture and any other improvements made to the interior of the premises.

Interior refurbishment gives you a greater sense of well-being, as your needs are channeled into the project that we will bring to life. In this way, our team will work to achieve the work you envision and turn you into a satisfied customer.

There is no definitive way to answer this question without knowing the specifics of your situation and the scale of your adaptation. Each task is unique and the time scale of your adaptation will be specific to you. However, we can say that, in general, the duration of the work varies between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the division. Some projects can be completed more quickly than this and others can take longer. Much of this depends on the stage of the project, planning and approvals.

Interior remodeling projects are all individual and tailor-made for each client and space/area, so it’s quite difficult to come up with a standard cost. Considerations include whether the project is category A (structure and core) or category B (partitions, fixtures, fittings, finishes and furniture). These changes in cost occur due to the time required, the nature of the changes, the materials used and the sub-consultant’s involvement in the project.

During interior remodeling, we provide a range of services to ensure a successful transformation of your home. Some of the services we provide include:

Space planning and design; Interior design and decoration; Furniture acquisition and installation; Technology integration; Lighting and acoustics; Flooring and wall coverings; Electricity and plumbing; Window frames; Management of the entire project.

To minimize disruption to your daily life during the refurbishment, we will use detailed planning, phased approaches, clear communication and scheduling outside office hours and at weekends.

Our aim is to meet the agreed deadlines and complete the refurbishment without causing any major impact on your routine.

Yes, we offer a guarantee for our interior refurbishment work. Our guarantee ensures that the agreed specifications and quality standards are met. If any problems arise during the warranty period, we will resolve and rectify them promptly, giving you peace of mind and reassurance about the durability and quality of our work.

We can work with your existing furniture and equipment during the refurbishment. Our team will assess the suitability and condition of your current items and incorporate them into the new design wherever possible. If necessary, we can recommend acquisitions or replacements to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution while ensuring that the refurbished space reflects your expectations.

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