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Flexspace Operation

Profit from your unused space by subleasing it to other companies

Unlock the potential of your property by leveraging our expertise in flexspace management. Maximize your earnings and transform your unused space into a lucrative revenue stream.

How does it work?

  • Provide available spaces
  • Custom office design
  • Tenant acquisition
  • Seamless operation
  • Shared profits

Through strategic partnerships with landlords, we optimize underutilized office spaces, creating an opportunity to earn extra income. Our comprehensive services encompass space design, tenant acquisition, lease management, and day-to-day operations.


of companies don’t use all of the office space they own or lease


of companies anticipate making significant changes to their office space designs


of companies will be seeking shorter term leases compared to pre-pandemic

You have the office. Together we build a flexspace.

We manage flexspaces in Lisbon and Évora. Our goal is partner with companies that have unused space.

Our strong online visibility and solid flexspace know-how allow us to deliver a hassle-free solution to make money out the office with above-market rents.

We will attract tenants, do the office fit-out, and manage day-to-day operations.

Flexible offices are growing at +35%/year. Do you want to use your space?


Every month we see unment extra demand for our office services, that we can channel to you.


You can sublease extra empty office space and generate extra revenue.

Suite office in Lisbon

SERVICE GUIDE: Get to know our solutions

Download our presentation to explore our range of flexible services. From Property Management to Office fit-out and Flexspace operation, we have what you need to optimize your workspace. 

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A flexspace operator is a company that provides flexible workspace solutions to businesses. We offer fully equipped offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and other amenities on a flexible rental basis.

By partnering with a flexspace operator, you can generate revenue by leasing out your unused space to other businesses looking for flexible workspace solutions. The operator will manage the space, attract tenants, and handle rental agreements allowing you to earn a portion of the rental income through a revenue share agreement.

Renovations or upgrades may be required to create a functional and appealing flexspace operation. Our team will work with you to assess the necessary modifications and determine who will bear the cost of these improvements.

The partnership involves an agreement where we help you lease the office space to other companies and take responsibility for managing the operation. Details such as profit-sharing, lease terms, maintenance responsibilities, and other key aspects will be outlined in a formal agreement.

Flexspace offices often attract a diverse range of businesses, including startups, freelancers, remote teams, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and even larger corporations. We have marketing strategies in place to attract suitable tenants for the space.

We will have security measures in place to protect the premises and the tenants’ belongings. We also handle routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to ensure a well-maintained and professional working environment.

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