Freelancer. Are you one? 6 Reasons to leave home and move to a coworker


1. Fighting Home Office Isolation and Sedentarism

This is probably the most obvious reason of all. It’s very likely that if you’re freelancing, most of the work you have to do depends only on you, which is the same as saying you’ll spend most of the time alone if you do it from home. Sooner or later, this will affect your productivity.

In a cowork space you have the opportunity to be with other workers, many of them freelancers or entrepreneurs with startups, where it’s usually easy to meet new people.  

In addition, home office life can be quite monotonous. Besides the coworkers being local with a good energy and dynamics, if you are tired of always being in the same place, you can always break the routine by varying cowork from time to time.

Finally, going to work for a coworker can also be the opportunity to fight the sententarism of your daily life: many of these spaces offer services to your community, ranging from yoga, surfing, running, HIIT, among many others.

2. Professional Networking

The networking you will do in a coworking space is far from serving only to fight the feeling of isolation.

Moreover, as these spaces are typically frequented by startups and SMEs, this may also be an opportunity to get more clients and offer your services as a freelancer to some of them.

On the other hand, you can drink from the experience of other freelancers like you and realize what their strategy is to increase their client portfolio, to then implement in your own strategy. 

3. Functional & Multi-Function Infrastructure

This is another of the great differences. Unlike what happens in your home which, let’s be honest, wasn’t designed to boost your productivity while you work, cowork spaces are, trying to be functional and offer you a practical, fast and efficient solution. 

First of all, because they are spaces with a great internet connection (unlike many cafés and libraries).

In addition, they are almost chameleonic, offering different solutions for your needs. It is likely that as a freelancer one of your goals is to fight isolation and so you can choose to work in the open space areas of cowork spaces.

However, you can resort to individual offices at times when you need more concentration or even the meeting room if you need to do some presentation or meeting.

If you’re in your house, you’ll probably have to do all this in one room of the house and probably with several distractions to the mix, from the maid vacuuming her children to crying.


4. Less Distractions = Higher Productivity

As mentioned in the previous point, if you work at home you may not have the ideal conditions to be concentrated. Whether it’s because you have to do domestic chores, because someone has rang the door, or because your daughter is crying, keeping concentration without being constantly interrupted can be a challenge for many freelancers who choose to stay at home. 

As is obvious in coworking spaces you won’t be 100% oblivious to distractions, but as we explained before, everything depends on where you choose to be: in coworks there are solutions for all tastes.

5. Spaces That Stimulate Your Creativity

When you start going to cowork spaces, you will quickly realize that there is something about the way they are decorated and organized that immediately makes you want to work on them. It’s normal, the decoration of these spaces is thought in detail to help stimulate creativity.

Usually a coworker is characterized by being a wide space and environment, with bold and alternative decoration, where the colors and lights are handpicked to stimulate the creativity of those who frequent these spaces.

6. Have Help in Communicating Your Services

If you are a freelancer and still don’t have a website presenting your services and portfolio, know that this step is essential not only to reach more people, but to be more credible.  

More and more coworks offer consulting services in this area, creating a credible website to show to potential customers and optimizing it in order to reach more people.

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